Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Plant Update.

     The traveling plants are starting to settle in, and the've been joined by a new friend, as well! But first, the Ficus!

     The Ficus Benjamina has been doing surprisingly well in it's cardboard/plastic wrap tent (which it maliciously stole from a homeless man on S. College Road) and has lost zero leaves since the move, which is surprising for a tree with a reputation for being pissy and uncooperative when it comes to changes in location. It is not unheard of for Ficus to drop all their leaves in protest when changed from one location to another. They grow back, of course (usually), but the shock of the change in environment can sometimes upset their delicate sensibilities. Not my Ficus,  though! This one's a trooper. There's even some weird mystery sprout growing out of it. I have no idea what this might.

Probably aliens.
      The Crassula cutting is doing well, too. It will hopefully begin to put out roots here within a month or so.

Oh, boy.

Captioning brought to you by. . . these guys.

     And we are no pleased to introduce to you. . . . the cup O' moss! I put this little guy together the other day because I figured that the conditions in the dorm room, you know, dark, dank, damp. . . dark, (oh, and dingy. We've got all the D's covered.) would be perfect for moss. I planted it in a deformed cup that I made by pouring boiling water over and playing around with its shape. The rock in the middle is a bit of limestone that I found outside the dorm.

The rock sort of reminds me of a meteorite. Do you see it? No, no, you probably don't.

      Well, that's it. Until next time, dear readers. 

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